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A deposit of EUR 20 is an element of each booking price, which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation of our rooms. The booking cancellation expires 24 hours after booking. In case of a no-show, no refund will be possible. We do not refund money to people from larger groups who do not participate in the game.

Thank you for arriving at The Black 11 Escape Rooms on time. If the delay is less than 25 minutes and the game can still be played, a small fee of 25% of the booking cost will be charged, but not smaller than EUR 15.

Customers are financially responsible for any damage caused to the room. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the game. Customers book rooms for 60 minutes, and any delays do not affect the customers’ longer stay in the rooms. If you arrive at most 15 minutes after your scheduled time, you may not be allowed to play in your reserved room.

Refunds are processed via the Stripe payment system. The Stripe payment system refunds payments to customers after deducting a Stripe or PayPal payment system commission of approximately 3.5% of the rate. The above fees are governed and set solely by Stripe or PayPal payment systems. It may take 5-10 business days for your refund to clear in the Stripe payment system. By booking a room at The Black 11 Escape Rooms, you agree to the above regulations. If the room does not meet the technical conditions, we offer a voucher for any date the customer chooses. Each additional person must be paid separately. In case of changing the time, date or room, the client is obliged to pay a handling fee of EUR 20 at the Black11 Escape Rooms reception.

All organized groups making reservations at The Black 11 Escape Rooms, not through our website (for example, via email), accept our terms and conditions and commit to settling the fee for the number of participants specified at the time of booking. This commitment is confirmed by paying a deposit. The final settlement will cover the difference between the deposit and the previously agreed sum, depending on the size of the booking. An exception may only be applied in cases where the number of participants exceeds the previously established number in the booking. In such instances, organized groups will also be responsible for covering the costs of the additional members of the group.

If a game commenced within the gaming facility is not completed for any reason, the maximum potential reimbursement option is to reschedule the booking or receive a voucher.

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