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A new form of entertainment

Black 11 Escape Room Galway is an immersive experience where a group of people are locked in one of the theme rooms and have to find their way out by solving the mystery… in 60 minutes.

It’s like a computer adventure game – except it’s the real thing!

Don’t be afraid to choose one of ours rooms – or you ask us for a recommendation.

Get your family, friends, teammates, or colleagues and do it! Great fun is guaranteed. No one will be disappointed! Check out our Facebook profile and see hundreds of lucky teams who were able to escape.

Good luck!

Black 11 RULES

You Have 60min to escape from room. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the room, they just need to be uncovered.
Please solve all puzzles using CRITICAL THINKING and not by THYSICAL POWER. This is an intellectual game, so if your idea doe solving particular puzzle or unlock the lock involves brute force or action that might put you or your team-mates in danger (such as moving large furniture and etc.) you are definitely on the wrong track!
Please be sober as you won’t be able to play if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs.
You play real-life escape game ar your own consent and risk.
The room are equipped with security cameras to monitor safety and track progress of the participants.
With your consent, the Room Escape Wizards team will ask to take a couple of pictures of you and your team after the game and put it on Room Escape Wizards official website and Facebook page.
Please keep the clues, solutions for puzzles, and combinations to yourselves so others can enjoy the game after you. Also, please do not copy or replicate any design element, puzzle, clue, or content of the game rooms.
We kindly ask you to take care of the rooms and objects found in there. If you break anything, you may be asked to leave the room without refund or other compensation.
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