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During these last six years, we have established ourselves as the largest facility providing escape room services in the Connacht region. Our many guests are sure in the knowledge that their joy and satisfaction are always enhanced when they visit Black 11 escape rooms.
To these rooms, we cordially invite you!
  • Such a fun way to spend a rainy day! We went as a group of friends and had such an interesting time and it’s something different which is nice.

    Phoebe Green
  • did this at the weekend. it was a great way to spend an hour. there were just the 4 of us , so i think that it was better than if we had more people. did one before with 7 people and there wasnt enough for everyone to do. 4 was just right. will have to go back and try one of their other rooms next.
    aron m
  • Went here for my hen night with 8 of my friends and family. We did the Da Vinci room which is in the attic. We’re all pretty useless so it took us 52 minutes to get out, but it was super fun. I love the Dan Brown books so the small touches they did to bring that feel of the room to life was not lost on me. My only issue was the heat. It was a very hot day that day and there was no ventilation in the room. With 9 of us crammed into the room we were ready to keel over with the heat. Great experience nonetheless though!
  • We did the Chernobyl themed room and it was a bit tough, but we made it out! It was a great themed story and we enjoyed it very much! Thank you!
    Briana A
  • The DaVinci scape room is really a head breaker! Got the best of us. It was our 3rd scape room and we can say the biggest one, very fun and also the owners where beyond helpful and friendly. 51minutes MEXIRISH.

    Velázquez Helen
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Asylroom, where we escaped the Da Vinci room just in time!! (after a few clues!!). Our family (2 adults and 11 & 9 year old kids) found most of the clues on our own but needed a little help on two of the tricky puzzles. Overall we would highly recommend it for an hours entertainment. Some small DIY is required in the rooms for safety and appearance.
  • We regularly use Asylrooms for corporate events and team building exercises. They are always so accommodating, particularly if there are people who have done some of the rooms before. The staff are super friendly and give lots of context before entering the rooms. The rooms themselves are challenging but great for team building as people need to work together and think outside the box to reveal clues. Would 100% recommend this place for staff nights, or just something a bit different to do with your friends.
    Katelyn D
  • We really enjoyed both afternoons, in firstly the Sherlocked room and then subsequently the Se7en Sins room. Both very different experiences, and both challenging. From other reviews, we were expecting that the Se7en sins room would be the easier of the two – not so, in our view. We escaped both, much to the relief of the preteens and teens! Looking forward to Chernobyl and DaVinci the next time we are in Galway and Harry Potter room when we are in Limerick. Thank you so much Asylroom!
  • This was our first time doing an escape room, we did it with our children (10 & 11) and we all loved it. We did the Da Vinci room and the children got just as involved as we did. It was so well done and the lady who greeted us was very friendly. Would highly recommend and would love to do more.
    Mrs H
  • Attended the Asylrooms on a work party night out, it was great fun. Good team building exercise also. Very friendly staff.

    brendan m
  • We had never done an escape room and did not know what to expect, so the guy told us to try ‘Sherlocked’ as there were only 2 of us. Turns out we really enjoyed the challenge and got out in a respectable time. We enjoyed it so much that we went back the following day and did ‘Chernobyl’. It was harder and the LCD clock ticking down the time really added to the tension. Well laid out and great fun, we are going back this weekend as a group of 4 and I can’t wait!
  • We wasn’t sure what to do on our first evening in Galway. Ended up having an amazing time. Really enjoyed ourselves. Would defiantly go again.
  • When researching things to do in Galway we came across this and thought we would give it a go. The entrance is a bit off putting but don’t let that scare you away it’s great fun for all the family. We played the Da Vinci code game which was brilliant and managed to complete it in the allotted time with three teenagers. Staff very helpful and friendly.
  • Myself and a group of Friends recently had the pleasure of attending Asylroom. This was my first escape room experience and I wasn’t disappointed. My group completed the Davinci room in which we done in 40mins with no clues…It was a great adventure and something different…The only regret I had is that I didn’t get a chance to complete the other two rooms so I will definitely return. Thanks again.
    JonPaul G
  • Four of us visited to do the Sherlock themed room. It was so much fun – really intriguing and involved, with some challenging codes to crack. Will definitely be back to try some of the other rooms!
  • I hadn’t heard of this place in Galway until last week when we had some visitors over from Belgium and it’s something they like to do. We did the DaVinci room and it was absolutely brilliant and well thought out. It took 4 of us 50 minutes to figure out and was wholly satisfying when we got out. I have been telling everyone about it since we did it, and I even brought a second group of friends back last night to do another room and they thoroughly enjoyed it. If it’s you’re first time, I’d definitely recommend doing it. It’s a lot of fun!
  • We have done two of the rooms now, working as a team you can get out, great team work experience, and a lot of fun.

    Michael B
  • A group of four of us did the Sherlock room and the Seven Sins room over two days. Both were very fun although we did need to get hints as it wasn’t always clear what we had to do next, or in which order things are meant to be done. That’s the point of the game though I suppose, it’s better to be too hard than too easy in this case. The Sherlock room took us about 50 minutes while the Seven Sins room took us 45 minutes. The Sherlock room is definitely more of a brain teaser than the Seven Sins one, but the Seven Sins is probably more of a tactile challenge (and a lot scarier). The staff are also lovely and very helpful. Overall highly recommended and addictive.
  • Visited here recently with 3 friends and really enjoyed our time there. We did the Da Vinci Code room which was great fun. The props were very authentic and the rooms/ clues amazingly well laid out. Will definitely be back to try solve the puzzles in the other 4 rooms.
  • Wet day in Galway ,family with 2 teens .had great time staff very nice ,if we knew it’s in Galway 2 years we would have come sooner .defently will come again! Have to try the other rooms.
  • We are a group of 6 who work for the same company, aged between early 20’s and early 40’s, and were looking for something different to do. It was our first Escape room (we chose Chernobyl) and I think we are hooked! While our trip to the Asylrooms was for enjoyment purposes and not for a work / team building exercise, we really did learn a lot about each other’s strengths and became closer as a group. Loved the idea and was impressed how everything in the room was so authentic and in keeping with the theme. Not only would we recommend it a friend, we’ve already told everyone in work about how great it is. We’ll be talking about this for a long time.
    Phil H
  • I keep shouting at everyone I know about how great this place is!! For an hour you are in a completely different world and are instead your favourite character in a film. I went with my boyfriend, and while we are both students and not exactly the richest, if every now and then you want to treat yourselves to a special night, ditch the fancy restaurant and go here and do a bit of old fashioned role-play, wink wink… Very patient and helpful staff too. <3
    Jennifer C Silva
  • Absolutely brilliant is the only way I can explain it. I went yesterday with my son 12, my sister and partner. This was my second visit this year and it never fails to entertain us. The staff are so nice and accommodating. We got a picture taking after we solved the puzzles which made it even more exciting because we felt we achieved something. I would highly recommend this for a group of friends or family that want to enjoy something together and the fact that you must work as part of a team to get out makes the activity more enjoyable. Well done to all the staff asylroom I can’t wait to visit for my hen party soon. Keep up the good work.
    Victoria D
  • I’ve done two of the Escape Rooms here and both times had a great time. The rooms are fun and challenging, yet solvable – you don’t have to be psychic to figure out the next move, which was the case with some other escape room locations I have been to. The staff were really lovely, and I love the old-school feel of these rooms. Thanks guys, will definitely be back to complete the other two rooms!!
    Lauren F
  • Had an amazing night at this venue. As an experienced player of Escape Rooms in a variety of countries and venues this ranks right up there. The room we did was challenging, the decor and way the room was presented was very authentic. The room we choose, the Da Vinci room was excellent and caters to a large group. We had 6 people in our party and we all contributed to our escape. Shane
  • We loved this!!! We did the Sherlock room only two of us & it was challenging but not to bad & super fun. Oskar was terrific & helped us when we needed it. I would do another one of these rooms. If you are looking for something to do that is a bit different I would highly recomend this. Team work is key!!!
  • We did the newest room – it’s Soviet themed, I think – but anyway it was great fun. It really put us to the test! The lads that run it are so lovely and it’s a really immersive experience. We came with a large group – 8 or 9 – and just split up into two rooms to race each other to the end. (We lost.) Can’t wait to try the rest!
    Caitlin F
  • Yet another great evening spent in the asylrooms. Last week, we did the di Vinci room. Really recommend that room. Yesterday we were back for more fun & completed the seven sins. The experiences are so different that I couldn’t compare. Both highly enjoyable. So my advice is do them all.
    Stella C
  • I’ve finally done all four rooms here. Each is so different though the goals are the same (escape in 60 minutes). I like the logic and how ingenious some of the steps are. You need good friends and teamwork and a good eye to catch the little clues! It is totally a great way to start off a night or be the main activity. The guys are fantastic and fun and should you need a hint (and let’s admit it, everyone needs a hint or two!) they know just how to deliver it without giving anything truly away.
  • A great way to celebrate a birthday. Great fun, lots of mysterious tasks to solve, awesome atmosphere. The staff is very helpful.
    Kamila D
  • As part of a work trip with visitors from Germany. From start to finish a great experience , great hosts making us really welcome and so accommodating even if we were late arriving. The rooms itself was so amazing and challenging , I can’t wait to go again and try all the rooms.
    Kevin Scahill
  • Spent an exciting Saturday afternoon working out how to escape from the Sherlock Asylroom. Old atmospheric townhouse with different rooms converted into escape challenges. Wasn’t sure what to expect but had a great time. Family with two grown up daughters. Would highly recommend for “competitive” and at the same time fun family evening out. You may have to wait a short while but the room escape takes no more than 60 minutes else you get help to escape coming up to the time limit. We plan to book a different room next month. Watch out! 39 minutes to beat!
  • We went here as a group of 5 and did the Di Vinci room. It consists of great props, clues and provides a challenging experience! Would recommend to any group looking for something different to try! We will be back!
    Kenneth H
  • Fun times, nice to do something different in Galway. Everyone enjoyed themselves, definitely want to tackle more rooms in the future.

    Joe Tomkins
  • To this date i’ve done two rooms, and i’m in love. I hope to complete all the rooms soon. the designs are brilliant and different. Having something like this in Galway is amazing. The owners are amazing and I am only more than willing to promote it.
  • A fun experience to have with your group of friends or also people you don’t know that well! Everybody can use a paricular skill.
  • We’ve completed three of the rooms and they are all really good fun! The staff are always really friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend it!
    Sinead K
  • Our department at work decided to organise a team collaboration event at Asylroom and it’s an excellent venue, very atmospheric a lot packed in to a small room. It’s very clever and definitely a good way to start an evening. It was challenging figuring out the clues but it was a very enjoyable task with lots of team work and fun. Can’t recommend enough for people who like mysteries and riddles! Staff are friendly, it’s a great place all round. Will definitely be going back again!
  • Pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. We did the Sherlock room and the props and clues were great. Super entertainment for an evening. Will be returning shortly to try the other rooms.
  • I was very positively surprised with the experience. I knew of the format of these activities but I did not know it would be so thrilling. Very friendly staff will make you feel welcome. Excellent value for money (and fun). 10/10
    Joao R
  • I’ve been twice on work team building events. It’s very clever and definately a good way to start an evening. I have done the Sherlocked room which was really good and then on the second visit I did the Da Vinci code which is my favourite room so far. I have to get back to do the other two!
  • I’ve done Sherlocked, Se7en Deadly Sins and Da Vinci Code. Loved them all, Da Vinci Code was the first one I did and is still my favourite. Can’t wait to give Chernobyl a go. I did Sherlocked with my SO and the other two in a group of 6. Can’t recommend enough for people who like mysteries and riddles! Staff are super friendly too, great place all round.
  • Went along with some colleagues as part of a team building exercise. Great fun, enjoyed by all. Would highly recommend.
  • Four of us went to asylroom having never tried any escape room, We didn’t know what to expect. This place is creative, imaginative and pure fun. If you are looking for something interesting to do in Galway city this is the place to go. The staff are lovely the atmosphere is eerie and the Concepts are imaginative. We tried the Sherlocked room and we were all really impressed. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Cannot wait to try the other rooms.
    Gemma B
  • We did it with my wife and son over the weekend . This was not our first game in the room escape . This place, however, we loved it ! We did “Da Vinci” … It was interesting puzzles fit very well in subject matter . I will not tell you more ! You have to try !!!
  • Tried to book a room online, received a half confirmation email and never received a full confirmation. So, I rang the number listed on their door and website, was told it was fine and to come at 9pm. Went with a group of 4 before 9pm and the front door was closed. We presumed that they might be using that section as a room itself for customers so we waited until about 9:20 and still the door was closed. Rang the 2 numbers listed a few times and they wouldn’t pick up. Waited until 9:30 and then gave up. Please don’t waste your time. I’ve previously been to the Escape room on Abbeygate St and I’ve had a great experience. Don’t depend on a good night out with friends with the Asylroom.
    Shadow Moon
  • We visit Asylroom before staff night out. It was great activity for a brain and lots of fun. Everybody should try to escape. Highly recommended
  • Myself and the missus went down to Galway last weekend and the first thing we did was head down to Asylroom, I have to say it just made our weekend….. even if the lads did have to give us an extra 10 minutes to get out. We did the Da Vinci room and I can’t stress enough how well put together it was. We felt like we where back in the days of Da Vinci!!! Arek and Oskar gave us a run through and then off we went. Once we eventually got out we spoke about the activity for the whole night because we were so impressed. If you are ever in Galway on a couple break or with a group make sure to check this activity out, it will make your weekend!!! Thank lads, kudos on a great activity!!!
    Ru T
  • Our department in work decided to spend an afternoon doing escape rooms and everyone had a ton of fun. Couldn’t recommend Asylroom enough. We’ll definitely be going back again!
    Keith C
  • Booked this for a friends birthday after coming across it by accident. Just the 2 of us, we did Sherlocked…IT WAS BRILLIANT! One of the best days out/ activities I’ve done. Had such a great time, can’t recommend it enough, and will definitely be booking another one.
  • Excellent venue, very atmospheric room (Sherlocked) a lot packed in to a small room. Our teen said she really enjoyed it (& that’s saying something!) Figuring out the clues was difficult & had us double checking everything but a very enjoyable challenge. Look forward to visiting again.
  • Have been here twice and also to the other Escape Rooms in Galway, and this one is better. Great fun.

    Lisa B
  • It was the first time my husband and myself have done this and let me tell you we had so much fun doing it. We managed to escape before the 60 minutes but it was tough. I recommend sherlock homes to anyone who is up for a challenge. The 60 minutes goes by really fast. We’d definitely do it again.
    Andrea H
  • We did 2 rooms. all in all very innovative rooms. They had wonderfull ideas to decorate the rooms. kindly owners. da vinci: was a great room! a lot of fun and it was very logic. good balanced difficulty. sherlock: fun to play, but never as good as da vinci. some confusing things and sometimes hard to combine. but the room will be rebuilt in the next weeks!
    Andris L
  • Fantastic!! My boyfriend and I have been to a few escape rooms all over Ireland and this is definitely one of the best! We did the Seven Sins escape room and it was intense, really got the blood pumping and we escaped with only 1 minute to go… We will definitely be back to beat the records!
    Leah-Clare L
  • Me and 4 others went to asylroom in September of 2016. We chose to do sherlocked, the man was very nice and made us feel welcome. The room it’s self was very well done . We got out in 46 mins overall it was a great experience and would definitely go again.

  • Booked the Sherlocked Asylroom after seeing Pikachu out and about in Galway Latin Quarter. We managed to unlock the room in about 40 minutes with a couple hints and it was brilliant fun! The room was really well themed and the puzzles were challenging but doable- even with some red herrings thrown in for good measure! Definitely recommend Asylroom and really would love to do the Da Vinci Code room! Very cool experience.
  • Me and my two brothers completed the Da Vinci room we thought it was the best escape room we have ever done having done 3 previously. It was really well laid out and had an authentic room to go along with your given scenario! The best thing to do in Galway Full Stop.
  • The staff was super friendly and nice. We did the sherlocked room, it was made very good and with high quality of riddles. My girlfriend and i have been in a few escape room before and we enjoyed this one very much. I highly recommend it!
    elad J
  • Our family of four (Marmite) did the DaVinci Code room. We were all impressed by the thought and look of authenticity the designers put into the room. We escaped in 48 minutes, after a slow start at first on our part. We were overthinking the first clue but, after we solved that one, we worked steadily to find the missing artifact. The clues were clever and fit the theme of the room. We all had lots of fun and wish we had more time in Galway to try their other rooms. Cool place, great idea, nice owners/operators!
  • Tried the Seven Sins room and got far, but did not escape in time. This room is not the most straightforward of the three, apparently. Still had a lot of fun. The audio of the gamemaster failed in volume, so that was a complication. Nice staff on our visit.
    Arno van Meurs
  • I went with a group of friends a few weeks ago. We did the Da Vinci room. It was a great experience we’d never done anything like it before and had a lot of laughs doing it. will definitely be going back to try another room, and would recommend it to others.

    megan k
  • Five of us landed on a wet Thursday afternoon in July, mum, dad and three kids aged 16, 14 and 12. Everyone had a great time taking on the Sherlock challenge. Oskar was really friendly and good fun. We had a few moments where we were scratching our heads, but with a couple of hints we finished the task. All in all, well worth a visit.
  • This was our first escape room and we had a blast. The room was just tricky enough to stump us a few times but not hard enough to give up. The guy who runs it is awesome as gave us lots of recommendations for stuff to do in the area!
  • Fantastic experience! This was so much fun. I was afraid I would be scared in this but I definitely can say it is suitable for almost all ages , I did it with my 13 year old son although it probably brilliant fun for groups but I haven’t enjoyed something like that in years. The owner was so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that visit Galway. A must do !
    Bernie C
  • I couldn’t recommend Asylroom more! It was so much fun and such a different experience, I can’t stop thinking about going back! The staff were lovely and friendly and the room itself was aamzing. A very well thought out piece; work of art in itself. You will not be disappointed!
    Siobhán G
  • Highly recommend!! 2-6 people. We didn’t know what to expect, and had a blast. We anticipated going in and waiting for others to show up, but we were able to get in immediately. We started with Sherlock room and we finished with 1 hint. We decided to do the Davinci next and finished with a great time and no hints. We were so pumped and I was able to talk my girlfriend into the third one and finished the seven sins. He mentioned that another one is almost ready,and we will try to make it back to Galway to finish another escape.
    Scott W
  • My man and I saw a flyer at the bus station and decided to give it a go. We’d never done and escape room before but after doing one, we were sold. We did all three rooms. My fav? The Davinci room. Definitely worth a try if you have an extra hour in Galway. I’ve attached before and after photos .😜

    Kelly M
  • We had been planning a visit to Galway for a while and really enjoyed our trip to Asylroom. We are fast becoming escape game enthusiasts. We played two games Sherlocked and Da Vinci and the theme running through both rooms was excellent. The best I’ve seen so far, the rooms make it feel really authentic. We managed to escape both rooms with a few clues. But the key aspect was how friendly both Arek and Oskar were, they made us feel really valued.
  • Went to Asylroom to kick off a small staff night out. It was a great way to start as it put us all in a great mood for the rest of the night and was a hot topic of conversation. We will be back to try the other rooms for sure.
  • Went to Asylroom Galway with a group of friends, had a fantastic experience. It’s something different and a great way to spend an hour with friends or family, I want to bring my work colleagues next. Great fun and would recommend to anyone.
    Jacinta C
  • This was my first experience at an escape room and I loved it so much we went twice that day! The guys were super friendly and accomidating and have set up a fantastic immersive experience! We were talking about the experience for hours after, how clever the clues were and the laughs of the whole experience! Amazing! Highly recommended!
    Barry F
  • So I went to the Asylroom Galway as part of a work event. The experience was amazing, the two guys over the rooms have done a great job in setting them up, organising how they run. I will be going back with friends to tackle another of there room. I would recommend anyone group (2-6) that is looking for something to do in Galway to check this place out.
  • Had a ball doing this! Have done it twice now, great thing to do on a rainy day. Looking forward to trying their new room. Very clever and well done.

  • 6 of us tried out the Asylroom never having done anything like it before and it was so much fun. We tried the Sherlock room as the asylroom wasn’t ready to be revealed yet. Very well thought out and the clues are re vamped every few weeks so I’m very excited to see what they come up with next! the 6 of us that tried it out are all work colleagues and it proved to be a great team building exercise as we all had to work together to solve the puzzle. Would recommend to a friend!

  • I did the Se7en Sins escape room with a 4 friends (4 of us already experienced “escapers”), and it was a great experience. The riddles, the props and the room itself were authentic, even the way they give you clues matched the overall theme of the room (won’t tell you how as you will see when you visit, unless you don’t need any clues), and the owner was very friendly and enthusiastic. They also seem to have a good feeling for how many people fit into a room, as they only allow up to 5 people into the room we went, which was enough for the space we had. Looking forward to (try to) escape from the other rooms soon!
  • Six of us did the Sherlock room. It was a great way to pass an afternoon; lots of laughs and banter. It wasnt the most elabourate Escape Room I’ve been to but its perfect for first timers. The setting felt authentic. I look forward to going back to try the other rooms.

    Danni B
  • My boyfriend and I have done a few escape games before and were very impressed. They really know how to stick with the mission theme and keep everything within the time period. We did the Sherlock room and really felt like we were back in time. The locks and clues were fantastic! We got a couple hints and escaped with 8 minutes to spare. We definitely recommend going!
  • We were a group of 5 of different ages and chose Sherlocked. Some of us had done Escape Rooms in other places in Europe and it’s up there with the best of them. Great for both newbies and escape room addicts. It was really well put together, the passion and skill of Arek and his team really shows. A brilliant way to spend an hour, then you’ll be talking about it for ages afterwards.
    David A
  • Great fun if you are looking for something different to do when you visit galway highly reccommend this place.
    Piotr D
  • We (group of 4) escaped from the “Se7en Sins” room last week. We all had a great time, and without knowing what to expect, found it to be a well organised, challenging, and fun venue. The puzzles in the room were well thought out, and the atmosphere created is excellent. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and very passionate about providing alternative entertainment in Galway. With plans for more rooms, and the options for catering for larger groups, I am looking forward to my next visit! Would highly recommend as something different to do in Galway.
  • This is a really fun way to spend an evening in Galway. The rooms are really well put together and the guys running it make sure that everyone has a good time. Would highly recommend to anyone.

    Barry C
  • Had a great hour (well 40 minutes, because we were fast!! ) of fun here. Great idea, we did ‘sherlocked’ room, and will definitely be back for the ‘seven sins’ room!! Loved it!!
  • On a rainy afternoon in Galway, we happened upon the Asylroom while wants wrong around Galway on foot, and I’m so glad we did! Four well-educated 30- and 40-something’s had a great time finding our way out of this really creative and thoughtfully designed spot. We chatted with co-owner Oscar for a while… He and his partners have obviously poured their heart and soul into this place. If you like riddles and want a unique experience, this is well worth the price of admission. A word of advice: don’t get too hasty… Think your way through it and you’ll have a great time.
    Scott M


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